Personalised tours

The Agricultural Tours Riverina (ATR) team knows the Riverina. We have established connections with more than 60 agribusinesses and links with other places of interest and government agencies. Whether you’re planning to travel to the Riverina from another part of Australia or from abroad, you can rely on us to construct a personalised tour itinerary that works for your group.

Constructing your personalised tour itinerary

Based on your group’s interests, budget and timeframe, ATR will suggest an itinerary incorporating some of the following season-appropriate activities:

  • Produce farm visits – rice, almonds, fat lambs, vegetables, cereals, citrus, grapes, tree fruits, poultry meat, eggs, wool, beef, cotton, forest products, walnuts, hazelnuts, olives, milk, Lucerne, sunflowers, organic products, fish farming.
  • Contract services – harvesting, drying, sowing, spraying (ground and aerial), farm management, land forming.
  • Other agribusinesses – transport and logistics, water management equipment, farm machinery, water buying/selling, auctions and saleyards, farm engineering.
  • Small-scale, on-farm processing – vegetables, cereals, grapes, tree fruits, nuts, olives, rice, cereals, cotton, citrus, cheese, flour, juices.
  • Research institutes/researchers – engaged in rice, irrigation and water management, cereals, dryland farming, citrus, breeding of animals (including cattle, sheep, horses and working dogs), quality management of produce, food technology.

Please note: One of our experienced tour leaders accompanies all of our tours – the tour leader can answer any questions and will ensure all runs smoothly for your agricultural group tour.

Planning a Riverina agricultural tour from abroad?

Travelling from abroad? No problem. ATR is experienced in dealing with international tour groups. Please contact us with your enquiry and we can provide you with a suggested itinerary once we have confirmed all the relevant details with you.

Here are some considerations for international groups planning an agricultural tour of the Riverina. If so, we can help:

  • Does your group require a translator?
  • Does your group require assistance with travel visas?
  • Will you be sending a ‘tour scout’ to explore a tour itinerary? We can ensure a local expert is available (at cost) to make suggestions and organise introductions.
  • Does your group require completion of an industry profile or prospectus before arrival?


How much does a personalised tour cost?

Tour fees for our personalised tour itineraries vary. Our quote will include entry fees, disbursements to speakers and farmers, hire of safety clothing and accompaniment by a local tour organiser.

Let us know your requirements.

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